Welcome to the home of the protozoa-safe Internet. For more information, see our press release below.

The .protozoa.us Internet domain is already open for business. Unlike the .kids.us domain, which is waiting for enabling legislation, .protozoa.us - the home of the protozoa-safe Internet is already in service and ready for business.

In order to register a name within the .protozoa.us domain, we will be establishing a fee-supported registration system. However, for the first 60 days, registration of one domain name per entity within .protozoa.us is free. Simply send your requested name, your two nameservers, and your entity contact information to registrar@protozoa.us and we'll set it up for you. Processing may take up to one week.

Please check back later to see our new automated tools for name registration and maintenance, and for the protozoa-safe Internet search engine!

Santa Cruz, California - May 14, 2002

  In a followup to the "dot kids" legislation (H.R. 3833) to create a "dot
kids dot us" domain proposed by Congressman John Shimkus (R-Illinois), the
Coalition to Protect Protozoa has taken the initiative to create a new safe
place for protozoa on the Internet under the "dot protozoa dot us" domain.

  "This is the perfect place to locate material which has been reviewed for
acceptability and viewership by America's protozoa," creator Matthew Kaufman
explained. "Protozoa are the most abundant animals in the world in both number
and biomass, significantly outnumbering our own children, and we have now taken
the first step to safeguard our nation's protozoa."

  "Libraries and bookstores organize their material by topic," Kaufman
explained, "but until now there has been no section on the Internet for
protozoa. We have secured for protozoa a safe haven on the web, and it is
available now for use."

  Sites locating on the newly created "dot protozoa dot us" (".protozoa.us")
domain will voluntarily be there and be subject to continuous review for
material objectionable to protozoa. Web site operators can visit the Coalition
home page at "www.protozoa.us" to register names within the newly created

  "This is a great example of what can happen when everyone's top priority is
the protection of our nation's protozoa. In today's world, protecting
protozoa on the Internet is vitally important."

 Kaufman concluded, "We are providing safeguards, so that predators, such as
fish and snails, cannot target our protozoa."

About Protozoa
 Protozoa are the most abundant animals in the world. They have traditionally
 been organized into four groups, the flagellates (ex., the phytoflagellate
 Euglena, which creates the green scum on pond water, and the zooflagellate
 Giardia, which causes severe intestinal distress in mammals), the amoebae
 (ex., Entamoeba histolytica, the cause of amoebic dysentery), the sporozoans
 (ex., Plasmodium, the parasite that causes malaria), and the ciliates (ex.,
 Paramecium, a common inhabitant of ponds and rivers familiar to most biology

About the Coalition to Protect Protozoa
 The Coalition to Protect Protozoa is a concerned group of individuals who
 feel strongly about safeguarding our nation's protozoa on the Internet.
 Rather than taking a legislative approach, or waiting for ICANN to create
 a ".protozoa" top level domain, the CPP has undertaken its own initiative
 to create the "dot protozoa dot us" Internet domain. More information,
 including how you can place your protozoa-safe website under the new domain
 category can be found at the CPP's web site at www.protozoa.us.

For Additional Information, Please Contact:
  Matthew Kaufman
  Coalition to Protect Protozoa
  (831) 426-6771